Kitty from Chicago loves to Text Men

Being a hot blonde is always everything that it’s cracked up to be. That’s exactly the position that this girl happens to find herself in. She’s got a sexy pair of blue eyes, a tight boy and perfect set of tits on her. While it might seem like she has it, there are definitely problems that she has to deal with. The main issue is that people tend to think that she’s just too hot. It’s clear from looking at her that she never has to spend a night alone, or at least that’s how it seems.

The reality of the situation is that no one ever musters the courage to try and take her for a ride. If it seems like she’s getting banged every single night, there’s no point in trying to ask her out. She’s obviously going to be busy with a much more impressive penis than anyone else can offer her. While that would be fun if it were true, it simply leads to her spending a lot of night all alone. She’s had to learn how to pleasure herself and has to tend to her one needs way too often. That’s why she ends up spending so much time chatting.

Since she’s always alone, she loves to find strangers to talk to and have fun with. It’s a great way to spend her time and it’ the kind of fun that she’s grown accustomed to. Since can almost never get the real thing, she gets herself of by listening to all of the stories that the people on chat have to share with her. The people who have experienced the things that she really wants to do are always happy to tell her all about them. The stories make her lonely pussy flood with juice and her fingers always end up finding their way down there to give her a good night home alone.

She has to sustain herself on the hot stories that help her get herself off, so don’t keep them to herself. She’s always eager to hear something new and take care of business.

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